Sunday, January 22, 2012


Babylegs are one the greatest inventions for the cloth diapering mommy. If you haven't noticed already, ghetto diaper booties can be a problem with cloth diaps. It's always a problem to find pants that aren't too big, while at the same time can fit over the little baby derrieres. Babylegs are actually a brand name, but I'm using it here as a catch all. Okay, so here is a pic of my little Lucy Lou in some red and white ones for her Christmas photo shoot.

She is also wearing a Bum Genius hook and loop one sized diaper.

And today she is sporting some I bought on Etsy.

The great thing about babylegs is you can protect their knees while they are learning to crawl, they make diaper changes a synch, and they will last through their potty training years as leg warmers.  After that you can use them as arm warmers or keep them for the next baby!

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