Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bottombumpers AI2-One Size

When I first started on this cloth diapering experience, I had no idea that there were so many brands out there to choose from. You usually hear about Bum Genius or G diapers from a lot of moms who start cloth diapering. The problem is, you usually buy a stash of diapers, that are usually the same brand, that you think you are going to use exclusively. Then one day you start looking at other ones and before you know it, you have a million different kinds! Honestly, I look up new diapers that I'm going to buy and want to try everyday. This has literally become my hobby. Poop catching devices are now my hobby. Is that sad? I hope not because I love doing this so much! One of the first recommendations I got from one of friends who also cloth diapers was this brand Bottombumpers. Her children are both heavy wetters, and so she bought these and recommended them to me. I have to say, I absolutely love love love these diapers! They come in several limited edition prints that change every season. You can even get custom embroidery done on them too! How awesome is that! I'm thinking of getting a custom diaper with Lucy and or Lucy Camille embroidered on a hot pink or gray diaper. I'm not sure yet. I'm still mulling it over.

So here are the pros and cons to this adorable diaper. (Just remember, they all have their pluses and minuses. You just have to decide what's right for you, and the best fit for your little babies bum.) Pros
  • They are made in the USA.
  • The soaker is made of 100% organic material and the top soaker is really really soft. If you line dry the soaker and or the diaper I would throw it in the dryer for a second just to take the "crunchy" feeling out.
  •  The sizing in the one size is done on the inside so you don't have any unattractive buttons on the front to look at.
  • The look is very streamlined and slimmer than a lot of cloth diapers.
  • The rise is high, so your baby is unlikely to grow out of this one sized diap!
  • Tons of cute colors and limited edition prints! They also do custom embroidery, which really makes these one of my favorite diaps on the market right now.
  • The snaps on the side are a little annoying to snap sometimes. Once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad.
  • They take a very specific soaker since it's an AI2, so if you have your husband and or sitter using the diaper, you probably should set it up beforehand. With pocket diapers you can change around the inserts without a problem. Bottombumpers require a little more forethought, but in my opinion it's well worth it!

  • Front view

All my diapers are snap diapers, but you can also get them in hook and loop.

The snaps to adjust the size are hidden on the inside of the diaper.

The different rise settings on the inside at the back of the diaper.

Here is the snap in soaker that is made from 100% organic bamboo. It's almost as soft as velvet.


  1. I too just LOVE these bottombumpers cloth organic diapers! They're the best organic cloth diaper that I have found and work for my little ones. Thanks so much for your review. :)

  2. Thank you Jessica! I love them too. I especially like how they are made in the US by crafty moms and they come with an embroidery option. Thanks for stopping by!