Sunday, January 15, 2012

Diapering on the go go

Now that you've got your cloth diapering system set up at home, you're probably thinking to yourself, when I'm out or on vacation, I'm just going to use disposables. I don't want to be walking around town hauling a giant bag of dirty diapers. Besides, my husband is really not that on board with me doing this anyway. If I tell him we are going to use them outside of the house he might divorce me!

Fear not cloth diapering women, I am here to calm your fears and tell you that it can be done and it's not any more of a hassle to do cloth when you are out. It actually becomes more of a hassle if you don't have a stock of disposables on hand. And, if you are anything like my husband, a naysayer at the beginning, you will prefer the cloth to the disposables after a few weeks.

Out on the town

Taking a couple of cloth diapers out for the day is just the same as taking out disposables. All you need is a wetbag. There are several options when it comes to wetbags. You can small, medium, or large sized wetbags, as well as one or two sided, depending on your needs. I personally have three different kinds. I have a white draw string wetbag that is just as waterproof bag that can be used to put two to three diapers in. I have a small wetbag that I use to put cloth wipes in, but it is also big enough to fit one diaper, and then I have one extra large wetbag that can fit upwards of five or six diapers on each side.

This one has two sections with colored zippers. A white zippered side for the clean diapers and a black zippered side for the dirty diapers.

It also has a snap on strap so I can hang it from my stroller.
You can really see the size of the wetbag compared to the height of the stroller.

When I use this, I put my clean wipes in the white zippered side so I don't have to take the entire diaper bag with me into the bathroom when I do a diaper change. This is the main wetbag we use. We also send this bag with her to daycare and our provider has had no trouble using it. She actually told me the other day that it's easier for her to use because she doesn't have to leave the baby to go throw the diaper away! Convenient and green, I love it!


Travelling can take a little bit more planning and patience if you want to continue cloth diapering on the road. There are a few options for the super green mom. First off, you have to determine what kind of trip it will be, and thus what kind of diapering system you can take with you. If you have a couple of covers in your stash, you can always go the biodegradable liner route and not have to bother with doing wash. I would recommend this if you are staying at a friends house, moving from place to place, or just feel like the hassle of laundry every night is too much. If you want to go this route, any cover will do. The g diapers insert is a great option for this.

However, if you're visiting somewhere for an extended period of time and you have a washing machine available, I recommend trying to keep up the cloth diapering. I've already visited my parents twice in Houston, both for a weekend and for a week while continuing to cloth diaper. It really wasn't that big of a hassle. I just packed my diaper bag for the drive down with three double stuffed diapers. Then I took one pail liner, my detergent bag, and my two bins from downstairs with twelve diapers. Every evening I did a load of laundry and I had enough diapers for the day and night without any problems. Of course, it depends on how many diaper changes you normally give your baby as to how many you are going to pack for the trip. I recommend double stuffing your diapers for the car trip. My little one does not like being wet, so we usually stop twice on the five hour trip down to feed her and change her.

Whatever you choose to do, whether it's full cloth diapering or a melange of cloth and disposables, just remember it's supposed to be fun! Don't feel pressure to take your stash with you on trips. If you are on the fence about it, in my experience I've found that it has become a great conversation starter. Most people haven't seen the new cloth diapers and usually have tons of questions which I love answering!  

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