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Diapering system at home

Okay, so you like cloth diapers, and you might be thinking to yourself, I don't mind putting them on the baby, but what do I do with them after they are dirty? And what about when I'm away from home? At the babysitters?And what about my husband?!? I can barely get him to change diapers now! All of these things are valid concerns with easy solutions. Even daddy will be able to get the hang of it after reading this step by step guide. First things first, the changing table. Wherever you've decided to set up your diaper station, these are the essentials you will need to cloth diaper.   
1.) Wet bag
2.) A bin to keep your diapers in
3.) Wipes (I will talk about cloth wipes in another post and all of the fun possibilities that come with them, including making your own wipes and solution!)
4.) Trash can if you don't use cloth wipes

At home
Diapering at home is a cinch. Since we live in a two story townhouse, I have two areas set up as diaper stations. The one downstairs is in the kitchen on our kitchen island, which is massive, so I don't recommend this unless you have the space.

I have laid out a travel changing pad and next to it I have two navy bins that hold our diapers. Since we use mostly pocket diapers, I have one bin where I keep all of the inserts, and the other bin holds all of the actual diapers. If the diaper is an AIO (all in one) or a shell, I just keep it in the second bin with all the diapers. If it's a prefold, I put it in the bin with all of the inserts.

At the top of the mat I keep the wipes, which are soaking in homemade wipes solution. I've folded them so that they pop out of the box just like the disposable wipes do. They are really convenient, and they smell so much better than regular wipes! This is especially helpful when she has an extra stinky poo.

Our laundry room is right next to that part of the island, so I have hanging on the door knob a pail liner so after I have changed her diaper, I just throw the wipe and the diap into the bag.

Wahmies diaper pail liner (This bag is great because it has an extra piece of fabric inside that you can dot a little essential oil on to keep the bag smelling fresh.)
My upstairs system is a little more traditional, and this is probably the system you will want to follow. Here is a photo of the baby room and changing table.

Right next to the table on the left I have a white trash can that has a Wahmies diaper pail liner in, that I change out with the one downstairs next to the laundry room. I'm thinking about buying another one, so that I will always have one on the door downstairs, in the pail upstairs and one in the wash. I've made things a bit more complicated with the two changing areas. You would do fine to have one, but I recommend two. By doing this, you will always have one in the wash with your diapers, and one that you use while the other one is washing.

Diaper Doody
So now this leads me to our first problem. What do you do with the diaper exactly? Do you just put it in the bag poo and all? What about when she pees? This can get a little complicated, but don't worry, after two or three times you'll be a pro. So the answer is, it depends. The kind of diaper you are using at the time needs a few things done to it before it goes into the bag.  You want to empty the contents into the bag without touching the diapers again, so you need to prep them for wash beforehand. Here are the rules for all the possibilities.

AIOS with Snap closures
Babies before solids
Just put it in the bag, you don't have to rinse it out or do anything.

Babies after solids
If it's a poo diaper, you will need to knock out the poo into the toilet, or if you are using diaper liners, you'll need to dispose of it in the toilet. After you've gotten rid of the poo, just put it into the bag!

AIOS with Hook and Loop (Velcro closures)
Babies before solids
You will need to put the Velcro tabs down on the handy laundry tabs on the inside of the diaper. This prevents the Velcro from attaching to other diapers that are also hook and loop and wearing out the Velcro faster. After you do this just toss it in the bag!

Babies after solids
Again you will need to dispose of the poop if it's a poopy diaper. Afterwards you put down the Velcro tabs on the laundry tabs located inside of the diaper to prolong the life of the Velcro. After you do this just toss it in the bag!

AI2s with Snap closures
Same as AIOs!

Pocket Diapers
It's the same as AIOs regarding the poop and the laundry tabs, but there is one more step you need to take before leaving it in the bag. You need to pull out the liner that you've stuffed into the back and drop it in separately. I usually put the laundry tabs down first if it's a hook and loop diaper and then I pull out the insert.


In my next blog I will talk about diapering on the go. Whether you're going out to the store, taking a walk, or traveling to visit family, I've got some tips to help you streamline the process and take out the guesswork!

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