Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Drying your cloth diapers and a few washing no nos

Drying your diaps is as easy as one, two, three...then wait until your dryer is finished doing all the work. I know, I know. You're worried about using the dryer, but trust me it's fine to use and super convenient. So you're always "supposed" to read the instructions that come along with each diaper so that you don't wear out the material too quickly or in some cases dye the insides and hook and loop material blue.* But honestly, who reads the washing instructions anymore? Not me, and I paid the price! Depending on how many diaps you have washed, you might want to add some dryer balls to help cut down on the drying time and your energy bill.

Another option that you can use is hanging your diapers to dry inside your house. I have this great octopus hanger that I bought from Ikea. I usually dry the diapers on this and then put the inserts into the dryer.

Seeing as it's winter now, this next option won't be that easy to use, but sun drying your diapers is really the best option. If you have a stain, you can just sun it out. I've done this several times and it really works! Your diaper has to be wet before you put it out in the sun for it to be effective.

No nos

-Only used approved detergent for cloth diapers. Google searches and friends experience are good sources too. There are a lot of detergent options out there. Just be careful not to use one that could give you tons of problems later on with buildup. You want to make things simple!

-Fabric softer and dryer sheets are out of the question. If you use these you are automatically decreasing the diapers absorbency.

-Diaper rash creams that are not cloth diaper friendly. If you need to use a diaper rash cream, invest in some liners to help shield the diaper. Here is an exhaustive list of diaper creams that do and don't work with cloth.

*This will be in a later blog about what not to do. I had a little accident in the wash with some homemade wipes that I bought on Etsy.

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