Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Newborn diaper options

Most people skip the newborn stage of cloth diapers and just wait until their babies have reached about 10 lbs to start with cloth diapers. It's really a personal preference when it comes to whether or not you want to buy a seperate stash of diapers that you will only be able to use for one to two months. I decided to take that risk, and ended up buying a combination of prefolds with covers, fitted diapers, and AIOs. For those of you who didn't read the previous post, prefolds are the most basic form of cloth diapers that were used by our parents. They are several layers of fabric sewn together, with an extra amount of fabric sewn into the center for extra absorbency. These usually come in 4X8X4, meaning 4 layers on the outside and 8 layers sewn down the center. Here is a picture of the kind that I bought. It's the newborn Sweet Pea prefold.

When using prefolds, you must always cover it with a waterproof layer called a cover. Covers are really convienent and can also be used as swim diapers! Shown is an XS Thirsties cover and the prefold. http://www.nickisdiapers.com/thirsties-diaper-cover.html Even though I don't use prefolds and diaper covers on a regular basis, I like to keep a couple diapers around the house just in case I've run out of my other diapers.  They are basically my back up diapers for those lazy days when I just don't feel like doing laundry. The great thing about covers are you can reuse them several times before you wash them. Just wipe them out and then put in another prefold and voila!

The great thing about Thirsties covers are they have double gussets to keep all the poo in!

Here is a one size cover that I bought called econobum by Bum Genius.

This is a one sized diaper cover, so it's supposed to last from birth until potty training. The next type of diaper combo you can use is a fitted diaper and cover. With these you just snap on the diaper and then put a cover over it as a waterproof layer. I bought Happy Heineys, but there are several brands to choose from if you want more options. I didn't really like these as much because my daughter always immediately felt wet and so I had to change her a lot more.

Here is the fitted diaper with the Thirsties cover.

I also forgot to mention you can use Snappies with a prefold and do the old school diaper folding that our parents used to do with a cover as well.

The final way to cloth diaper your infant is to use an AIO. AIOs are All in one diapers, meaning the only step you have to take is to put it in the baby. There are two kinds of closures for AIOs; hook and loop and snap closures. I had both, but preferred the hook and loops. I used mostly the Bum Genius XS sized diapers. In this picture you can see the tab on the inside that you put the Velcro straps onto so they stay put in the wash. After one wash you'll realize how important it is to put the tabs down.

My snap diaper was Grovia, and it didn't fit her well. Every time he wore it it leaked. I loved the pattern and the design looked like it wouldn't easily leak, but it did not work well with her body type.

This diaper is stained a little, but stains are easy to get out. In a future blog I will talk about washing and diaper care.

The flap on the inside was a great idea because you can adjust the absorbency for the middle or front, depending in what area your baby wets more. Okay, that's all for now! If you have any questions ask away! I love talking about cloth diapers!


  1. Very cool Cassie! I'm not a mother but this is interesting and I'd imagine you save a ton of money as well. Great job! .-_-

    1. Thank you! I am saving a lot, however I love buying diapers so much, I don't know if I will in the end. We shall see!