Sunday, January 8, 2012

Starting cloth diapering

Over the past couple weeks, I've had several friends ask me about cloth diapering and how it all works. It can be very daunting task just to even google cloth diapers. Since starting down this road, I've become a little obsessed with it, and love to talk about the latest diapers I've found to add to my ever growing stash or the newest detergent I want to try. This has all inspired me to write about my experiences, give you little tips that I have, and to lay out my diapering system. For those of you who are my friends who've asked questions, you can use this as a late night reference. I still want you to text me though! I love talking about all things diapers! Each post I will review a different type of diaper, go through all the diaper possibilities (and there are quite a few), talk to you about washing diapers, storing them, traveling with cloth, or show you some of the fun and cute fashion accessories that can complement your babies bum. So, whatever reason has brought you to consider cloth diapers, be it budget, fashion, curiosity, or that you want to be a green mommy, I hope this blog can help you navigate through all the possibilities and help start you on your own adventure into the land of cloth diapers. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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