Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Heineys

I'm going to take a quick break from my Favorite Things series to do another diaper review from my "fluff stash." For those of you new to the cloth diapering world, fluff is a term for diaper and or diapering goody.  I like the term diap personally, but fluff is cute too.  Anyways, back to the diap at hand! I found this brand relatively early on in my cloth diapering journey and fell in love with the hot pink color. At that time, I was just going to stick with Aplix (velcro) closures because I felt like they were a lot more user friendly.  I turned out they sold the pocket in cow print as well, and if any of you know me, you know I like me some cow print every now and again. You can take the girl out of Texas to be a diplomats wife, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl I guess :)

I also have an owl print version of this which is super cute. Lucy was just sporting it for her afternoon siesta.

I love those chunky little thighs.

Okay, now I know many of you might be slightly curious as to what the inside of a dirty cloth diaper looks like. Now this is only a pee diaper, but I want you to see if you can tell the difference between a clean one and a dirty one. Which one is dirty?

Diaper A
Diaper B?
Diaper A you say, eh? How did you guess? What tipped you off? Was it the fact that it had the owl print just previously shown on my daughter's cute baby bum? Or was it the cloth wipe crinkled up at the top? Or the fact that it wasn't featured on my lovely white blanket that I normally use for all my Diaper Chic posts? Well, whatever triggered your keen, Sherlock Holmesque detective skills to Diaper A, pat yourself on the back. As you can see, the inside really doesn't look dirty to the naked eye.  The inside doesn't stain, and believe you me, this diaper has seen some poopspolosions. I'm talking all kinds of green pasty goodness, with a stench so strong that only a mother could change it without thinking, why, why did I decide to make something that does something this horrid?

Enough about poop, let's talk about the pluses and minuses of the Happy Heineys One Size Pocket Diaper.


-They are sized bigger than some other brands which is great if you have a taller baby like I do. My little lump of lovable goodness is still on the smallest rise, and for her, that's not the case with some of her other diaps.
-I've used them as a pretty reliable night time diaper and traveling diaper. This is one of my go-to diaps when I know I won't be able to change her for awhile. The inside is fleece and the inserts that go with them are microterry which wick away moisture and keep your baby feeling dry longer.
-The snap closures are really easy to snap and seem like they will last through several babies!
-They have a lot of great prints for boys and girls.  I already have my eye on the white diap with skulls since I have a feeling she'll be going through a punk phase once she starts walking. 


-The Aplix or Hook and Loop or Velcro (pick your poison) do not seem to last as well as the other major diaper brands, meaning my hot pink diaper statement probably won't be able to last more than one baby.  I guess when and if we have a little garcon, he won't be able to sport this one with a "Real Men Wear Pink" onesie. 

I can't think of any other real minuses to these diaps.  I love the three that I have and I saw on their website they have a newborn option as well as one for your  preemie! Can you say baby #2?!

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  1. Haha, I love this! :) I am so for spreading the word on how easy cloth diapering really is. I love and hate you for getting me into it. ;)