Thursday, March 29, 2012

Show me your fluff!

Recently I moved due to my husbands job, and I decided that instead of cloth diapering for the last two days of the move, I would switch to biodegradable disposibles and wash/stip all of my diapers. While I was packing my diaper suitcase I realized that I bought quite a few diaps. Maybe too many in some peoples' opinion (husband). But for me, everytime I put another diaper in the suitcase I said to myself, "One less week of diaper rash for baby girl and one less landfill full of poopy diapers for everyone else." Then I thought, I should probably take a fun picture of all these diapers to post on my blog. Well, from there I started thinking about my friends who cd, and I decided to bring you this post with a showcase of all of my friends fluff stashes. Thank you to all the ladies who contributed!

Mom 1-Heather Hearne-Walker

I have all Bum Genius except for the owl pocket from SweetPea that you gave me. :) I LOVE my Bum Genius pockets, but sometimes I prefer my Flips and inserts (inner circle). I think it's nice sometimes to be able to reuse the cover a couple of times before you have to change it again. Then again, the plus side to the pocket I feel is that you can wait a little longer to change before a leak would occur. I love the artist series so much! They are so precious and can go for either sex. I love my fluff collection, and I just ordered 6 brand new ones that no one seems to want to trade b/c they're so darn cute. :)

Mom 2-Jamie Thorne

I've got about 30 pre folds that are great for the first few months. A friend loaned me her covers for my first. The Thirsties were the best at stopping leaks so I bought 5 for baby #2. I also have about 30 pocket/all-in- ones. That stash is almost exclusively Bum Genius, though I've got a couple Happy Heiney's, Fuzzibunz and Gro Via. Even though they're not the cutest, the Bum Genius are still my favorite. They seem to expand the most and will be the last to be outgrown. I also like how easily I can double stuff for overnight and the lining of the pocket does an awesome job wicking away moisture. I line dry the pockets- they dry super fast hanging on a line and I need to extend the life of these diapers for at least 1 more kiddo! Oh, and I finally replaced my wipes warmer so I've been using cloth wipes again. My kid loves warm wipes!

Mom 3- Heather Mispagel Ganio

We have about half pockets (both sunbaby and bumgenius 4.0) and half bumgenius elemental. We also have some randoms like rumparoo, grovia, gogreen, kawaii baby, thirsties fitteds and two wool covers.
My go to is always the pocket sunbaby and bumgenius. They're the easiest to wash out, clean and rarely leak.

Mom 4-Bryna Fahey Thompson

I am using your bum genius all in ones right now mostly, and I love them. So easy to use! I have lots of pockets for later, and I'm using a couple of them now. They aren't as easy as the AIOs. I also have some gpants that I have been using both with the disposable and cloth inserts. The disposable inserts are great for when we go out on errands and I have to change his diaper. I am also using a few of the booroi diapers that I just put a g-flapper in. They are ok, but the AIOs are my favorites so far just because they are so easy to use. I will be buying some more when Torin outgrows your bumgenius AIOs. :)

Mom 5-Aimie Trumbly Runyan

We use Best Bottoms from Nickis's Diapers in Wisconsin. They are an AI2 system we have been using since birth. We currently use 24 large organic cotton liners, 24 large stay dry liners, and 4 doublers along with 16 covers. As you can see one size does fit all...species! We also use Planet Wise wet bags and I made my own wipes using the cool recycle logo fabric shown. When Ciaran was smaller we used the stay-dry liners exclusively...24 in Small and Medium. We didn't need the small night time doublers because he wasn't sleeping long enough for it to matter!
I also made some fleece diaper protectors for rashy days but they see very little use. Eveything gets stored in the 4 blue buckets you see in the picture. We never use the disposable linerws that will fit this system, and I can't remember the last time he wore a disposable of any kind. We're hooked!

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