Thursday, April 26, 2012

Are cloth diapers sanitary?

Is your underwear sanitary? Gotcha with that one didn't I. My logic is impermeable because your drawers are dirty.

A few days ago, a babysitter we were trying out said that a Virginia state in-home daycare auditor came over to her house and she happened to be watching her change my daughters diaper, which of course is an honor in itself. The state employee said that she didn't think that was very sanitary to use cloth diapers. Well, that was my first encounter with a statement like that, and so in passive-aggressive fashion I will debunk her outlandish statement that cloth diapers are dirty with my undeniable scientific prowess.

They aren't and your momma. Science.

Now, I know that my scientific reasoning is flawless and you don't need anything. But, I like most women, am very outspoken and have the need to continue to talk about a subject until your brain bleeds. So with that, here are, in no particular order, the reasons that I think cloth diapers are sanitary.

1. Science.
2. I think they are cute.
3. Do diapers need to be sanitary? Will we be using them to do any kind of surgery later?
4. Are disposable diapers sanitary?
5. What is sanitary?
6. Have you seen the patterns you can get with cloth diapers?
7. Did you know that you are technically not supposed to throw poop away in the garbage can? Just google it! Here is a list of how to properly dispose of poopy diapers:
Insert other websites because I am too lazy and you all know how to use google.

However, if you do more research, you will find that casual poop disposal is fine and varies by state. I do not care if there is poop in my landfills or not. I leave that up to the environmental activists. I trust you know better than I do. I don't cloth diaper solely for the benefits. I do it because I like the diapers, I find it makes diaper changes more fun, my daughter has never had any diaper rash with them, and the few times that I have used disposables, there has always been this really bad smell whenever she pees.

But seriously, back to the sanitary thing. If you clean your diapers thoroughly they are completely sanitary. Some moms even use a couple cap fulls of Clorox in their diaper loads from time to time. When we were using a front loader I used the sanitize setting every couple of washes and I Clorox the drum every week. I think my babies "underwear" is a lot cleaner than most of yours. No offense to your underwear of course. I'm sure it's just fine.

Just be smart.

1. Don't put a disgusting poopy diaper into the drybag when you could have easily taken it to the toilet and washed off and/or knocked off the poop.
2. Buy a diaper sprayer. They are amazing.
3. If you don't mind rinsing them out in the toilet, then do that!
4. Properly wash your diapers. This varies by region, washer, type of diapers, etc...
5. If you smell that the diapers are still stinky after a wash, wash them again!
6. Sun your diaps from time to time.
7. Make sure your water is hot enough.
8. Do your own research and you'll find that cloth diapers have been used for centuries. With the proper washing routine your baby will have a happy, healthy bum.
9. Use disposable diaper liners! I use these whenever I think she is going to poop. I know her bowel movements better than I know myself. It's a gift that every mother possess because constipated babies are not very happy babies.
10. Science.

Again, feel free to leave comments and let me know if I'm way off base. I'm willing to listen. I'm not a scientist. Just a mom who likes to cloth diaper. Btw, don't ever call my babies butt unsanitary again. It's beautiful and you know it.

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