Sunday, April 8, 2012

Diaper Donation

Teaching at Lakehill taught me one thing, and that was the importance of service. That is one of the things I will miss most about that community. Seeing as I've recently left my job there, I've been sitting here thinking how I could combine my love of cloth diapering and service. Well, it came to me after several posts from an old school friend on Facebook. She is newly single and raising a daughter as well as her four week old baby boy. This past week she posted about how she needed some diapers (disposables) and asked if anyone would be willing to donate. That got me thinking. I wanted to help her out regardless but I thought, I wonder if she would consider cloth diapering? The disposable diapers I sent her would only last for a couple weeks at best.  What if I could donate diapers to last her son until potty training?

I decided I would give it a shot and I sent her an email asking what she thought about cding.  She emailed me back almost immediately and said she was interested because of the savings. I took that as a green light and here I am, asking whoever might read this to help out in whatever way you can.  Do you have a gently used diaper that you would like to donate? Some extra inserts? An extra wetbag or drybag you aren't using? A diaper sprayer? Covers? If you're done diapering your baby maybe you'd like to donate some or all of your diaper stash. Please contact me via email and we can discuss how to get your donations to a deserving mother and son. Thank you so much for your help and hopefully we can get this mommy some supplies to help her and her baby out!

18-25 Pocket and/or AIOs/AI2s
2 wetbags (preferably double sided for going out)
2 drybags
1 Diaper sprayer
30+ Cloth wipes
Cloth diaper friendly detergent
Cloth diaper friendly diaper rash treatment
Cloth wipes wash
I will update this list as we get donations. If you would prefer to donate money, please click on the donate button on the right side of my blog. These donations will be used to help out this single mom for cloth diapering purchases only. If you would like to give actual items please email me to coordinate. I look forward to hearing from you and please, pass this post along! I would like to get this stuff to her ASAP! Thank you!


  1. That's so nice! I'm about to email you.

  2. We are almost there with the Wish List. We are still needing a diaper sprayer, diaper friendly detergent, wetbags and dry bags, and cloth diaper friendly rash treatment. Thank you so much to the moms out there who have opened up their stashes to donate diapers, wipes, and those of you who have donated money. Now all we need are the gadgets to go with! Please continue to spread the word and email me if you have something and would like to donate it.