Friday, July 20, 2012

Diapers for college

Today as I was taking my afternoon shower (since Lucy keeps me pretty occupied until her nap time), I was thinking about how I wanted to buy one of the new Lovelace Freetime diapers by Bumgenius. They are a great diaper, which I will remind myself to do a review on this next week. Feeling a little guilty, I thought to myself, "why do I need another diaper?" I could easily diaper Lucy and another baby with the amount of fluff I have in my stash. I actually have so much fluff, I've loaned out 10 or 12 diapers to my sister-in-law to use with my adorable little niece. I am ashamed to say I may have gone slightly overboard....slightly...And I could also cloth diaper a child exclusively in wool with fitteds, and a newborn...hehehe :)

I have more, lots more....

So blah blah blah, several minutes later it hit me. I like saving money, hence the cloth diaps and making my own baby food. Maybe, I could channel all my diaper buying energy into saving money for Lucy's college fund!

(clouds open up and choir of angel babies sing hallelujah)

Why didn't I think of this earlier? Oh yeah, I was shopping online for more diapers. Oops. 

So, I'm going to challenge all of you cloth diapering mommies and daddies out there to do this with me. For each child that is in diapers, if you can make ends meet, try and put the amount of money you would have spent on disposable diapers for that week into a savings account or college fund that you have set up for your little pipsqueak. Also, if you want to be really ambitious and the bank account can take the hit, I challenge you to also put the amount of money that you would spend on baby food in there as well. Breastfeeding mommas you can put the amount you would spend on formula. Y'all get the jist, right? (This is of course on top of the actual amount you are spending for feeding your child. I am in no way suggesting that you save the money you would have spent on diapers, formula, or baby food instead of buying those supplies for your little one.) 

So I formally commit, without having discussed this with my husband at all, heretofore to stop buying diapers (after I get the lovelace one of course ;) ), and start saving what I would have spent on baby food and new diapers for Lucy's college fund.

Because in the end, I'm doing it for those cheeks. Look at my little Panda baby. Isn't she the cutest?! Once she potty trains, I'll figure something else out. Ideas anyone? 

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