Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The lazy mom's guide to making baby food

Yes I can! No I can't! Yes I can! Wait, I'm lazy. Why would I do that? I can't even be bothered to cook for my husband and me, why would I add on other chores?

Enter the Baby Brezza.

Just take a minute and say a little prayer of thanks to the lazy gods for giving thrifty mommies this lovely contraption


Okay, so there is a lot of debate going around the Internet "tubes" about if using one of these baby food makers is worth it.  For me, it has been. If you are reading this blog and you don't know who I am, or what kind of lifestyle I lead (doubtful), let me give you my background.

1.) I am lazy. I am a hard worker when it comes to my 9-5 job, which I am without at the moment. But when it comes to cooking and cleaning, I'm a little laissez faire.

2.) I am living in a hotel, apartment without my kitchen stuff. No blender, a toaster made by a three year old, and a coffee maker are all we have in this cozy apartment. Don't get me wrong, I'm not ungrateful, it's just hard to live in a hotel for close to six months.

3.) I cloth diaper, therefore I have extra laundry. This of course taps into my very small storage of cleaning time I allot myself each day.

When we started solids officially, I tried making food for her once and she didn't like it. I used my new Baby Brezza, and I had every intention of making all of her food. Giving her pure, organic vegetables that mother earth had offered up especially for her as a sacrifice in exchange for one day growing a more responsible steward of the planet.

She spat it up and cried hysterically. :(

Failure! Why, oh why must I suck at everything! First my daughter starts refusing my breast and now, my perfectly cooked organic carrots, pureed to perfection? So it was back to the store and eventually Plum Organics won the taste test from the world's pickiest little eater.


Well, we passed the stage 1 and 2 foods, and I had started feeding her a little off of my plate. I found out that my daughter in fact did like food, and that she had quite the adventurous palate. Curries, rillettes, and stinky French cheese were all the rage on our two week trip to Pau, France to visit friends and down to Houston to visit my family. This discovery, coupled with the empowerment I felt having taken a baby on a transatlantic flight, by myself, gave me the last push to start cooking for her again.  However, this time I had learned that she liked food that tasted like food, and not like mush.

I resurrected the Baby Brezza, pulled out my moon shaped ice cube trays and got to cooking. I looked at all the pouches of food that she liked and decided to try my hand at the same combos. Some were a hit, orange banana, and some were a flop, under cooked mashed potatoes (oops). The great thing about the BB is that you can just prep the veggies and pop them in. Then select the stem+blend option, walk away, and when you come back, they will be cooked and pureed. What? Yes. It's just that simple.

Alright, enough babbling, here are three recipes that have gone over really well with my little stinker. The two sweet ones are sized for the BB. The other one you'll just have to figure out.

Orange Banana smoothie

2 bananas
2 containers of Dole mandarin oranges (drained)

Blend and you're done!

Berries & Cream

2 containers of raspberries, washed
1 banana
2 tbsp of creme fraiche (or full fat Greek yogurt)

Blend and you're done!

Roasted Red Pepper Aioli

I got this recipe from here. I had made these fries for my husband and I and thought to myself, man, this sauce sure looks good enough to eat alone. I wonder if a certain baby would eat it? She did and she loved it!
I modified it by putting in full fat Greek yogurt instead of mayo.

1 jar of roasted red peppers patted dry and chopped up (This is the only prep you have to do, but it is required for the BB.)
1 tsp of minced garlic (you can omit this if you like)
1 container of Greek yogurt (the personal size)

Blend and enjoy :)

After about thirty minutes in the kitchen (total) I had all this food to show for it! Each of the little spaces in my trays are 1 oz portions (21 per tray). The cilantro tomatillo sauce was from dinner last night. I used it on some healthy spinach enchiladas I made and had a surplus so I figured I would save it. She ended up loving it for lunch! 

That's all for now. Remember mommas, this should be fun! If you don't like making your own baby food, then don't! Whatever you feel comfortable with doing should be king. I love the fact that my daughter eats my food and whines for it when I'm not feeding her fast enough. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and boosts my self esteem. We had a really hard time with breastfeeding, and I suffered a lot of rejection along the way. This is my way of doing a little work and seeing the pay off :)

Happy blending everyone!


  1. This is great! That is really nice that it does the steaming and pureeing for you. I had one of these suckers, a different brand, but it was just too small. I wish I had known about this one. Anyhow, I LOVE the trays that come with it. I am tired of using regular trays that have no lids and have 3 different sizes in them. I am going to see if I can buy these separately. Anywho, good luck with all of your pureeing. It IS such a feeling of accomplishment when you make so much food for your little one. :) I have been meaning to write a blog about this myself. You've inspired me. :) Keep us updated!

    1. Yeah, I had done a lot of Amazon research prior, when I was considering buying a baby food maker. My friend had the Beaba, but she said she never used it because of the same problem. You do have to make more batches of something. But it doesn't bother me right now since she's not eating that much. Which trays are you talking about? What kind do you currently use? The ones that I have or a different kind? These trays didn't come with the maker, but I love them and will use them with breast milk with #2!