Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baby monitor with wireless IP camera-Foscam FI8910W review

God bless Pinterest and God bless this blog. After finding out that we would be moving abroad, I decided that I better invest in a baby monitor. As per usual, I immediately went to Amazon and started reading reviews. I coupled this with polling some of my mommy friends about their choices in monitors and the pros and cons they found with their particular models. Our little L shared our bed for the first two months, and after transitioned into the cradle next to our bed. Because of this, we didn't really need one. She did take naps in her own crib or in the swing, and I just listened for her cries.
Flash forward to our move to a new country and house; I decided it might be more prudent to have a baby monitor to ease my fears. I was shocked to find out (not really) that all the monitors were outrageously expensive and seemed to only have a one year lifespan. I knew there was a better option, and thank god for Stephanie at Literally Organized!

I'm not going to talk about the set up because you can find those instructions here by R. Tickle in the reviews. (Thanks dad!) I'm loving this new capability as I can check in on my daughter during her naps on my iPhone or iPad. We haven't quite figured out the best place to put the camera yet, but here are a few stills from today.

This is the view from the web browser. I don't have the app yet, but Mike does. I'll post photos of what that looks like later.

You can see she is still up playing with one of her loveys :)

Out cold 

So, if you are in the market for a baby monitor and are tech savvy enough to set this puppy up, I highly recommend it! We are having a blast checking in on our little pumpkin butt while she sleeps. I just need to think up a better place to put it so I can get some better views :)

Happy Wednesday everybody!


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