Thursday, December 6, 2012

Color essentials

Since I'm trying to not buy so many diapers or diaper accessories, I thought it might be fun to pick some of my favorite cloth diapering accessories and display them by color. First up in this new series is lavander.

Displayed are the following items:

1. Grovia diaper in Mod Flowers
2. Planet Wise hanging wet/dry bag in Chic Petunia
3. Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath in Vanilla and Lavender
4. Happy Heineys diaper One For All in Lavender
5. bumGenius diaper Freetime All-In-One Snap closure in Dazzle
6. Grovia Cotton Cloth Wipes
7. Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil

Click here to make your own cloth wipes solution. It's so cost effective and eliminates the need to have a trash can in the baby room at all. Everything goes straight into the wet bag!


  1. I JUST told Clint yesterday that I think I want to start using cloth wipes. Yeah, I'm a little late to the ball game, but I never had any intention of doing it in the first place. And I was just looking for a solution "recipe". Yay!

    1. LOL! Great minds think alike! They are super easy to use. The only thing you will need is a reliable way to bring cloth wipes with you when you are out and about. I use a small Planet Wise wetbag that works perfectly. But, if you just want to use them at home, you can use an old wipes case.