Friday, December 7, 2012

Folding cloth wipes tutorial

Next time you are at a party and you are stuck talking to that one person you really don't like, but is obsessed with being your friend, think of me and use this neat trick I am about to show you. Or maybe you're talking to the new girlfriend or boyfriend of one of your friends that you know is not going to last, but you don't want to be rude, so you keep the conversation polite. The problem is, that person hasn't seen the writing on the wall, so they are talking your head off and saying "Next year at Halloween, I'm going to dress up as a sexy ___." Listen up carefully because I am about to give you your exit strategy. Start talking about this awesome cloth diapering blog you read (Let's face it, who is going to want to hear about that?) and how you just learned the coolest trick to getting your cloth wipes to pop out of a plastic wipes case. If this doesn't send them running for their next shot of tequila and a new victim, I don't know what will.

I don't remember the exact place I saw this, probably Pinterest, but it's genius and if you are using cloth wipes you have to have this trick up your sleeve to impress all your friends. Because once you become a mommy, your conversations change. Forever. You go from talking about what you did last weekend, or the latest movies that you saw to, "Look, I can fold wipes to make them pop out of the top of a wipes case!" This is something you will have to accept and should probably consider before ttc. (For those of you who don't know all the lingo the kids are using these days, ttc is short for trying to conceive.) That's right. I'm hip. I'm with it...You get the idea.

Now to the tutorial

1. Take your stack of awesome cloth wipes that you either made with the sweat of your brow, or if you are lazy like me, purchased on Amazon with your Prime account. (Amazon is my new addiction, and Prime is my enabler. Damn you free shipping. You get me every time!)
2. Okay, seriously, compile all of your wipes and a wipes case. Today,  I will be using a mixture of Grovia wipes (my favs), Swaddlebees, and random wipes I bought off of Etsy.

2. Lay your first wipe out flat like so.

3. Then take another wipe and lay it flat half way in between the first wipe you put down.

4. Now, fold the first wipe (ie bottom wipe) over the top wipe.

5. Now, here comes the tricky part. You have to lay another wipe over the folded wipe, making it cover the top of the first wipe, but leaving the second wipe still visible. (I'm horrible at directions, aren't I?!)

6. Fold the bottom wipe over the top wipe, and repeat!


You get the picture.
Stop folding up your wipes when you reach your preferred height.  

Here is a side view. just in case you want to compare.

Then, after you have your stack, you will need to open the wipes case like so.

Just a hint, it helps to use your dominant hand. Also, beware of the spiky plastic pieces around the edge of the container.

Then place the stack of folded wipes into the container.

After you have placed them inside, take the top flap and insert it through the hole on the top of the case. This step is essential in transferring the wipes from the inside of the case to the outside.

Now, shut the case and start pulling!
I generally poor my famous wipes solution over the top of the wipes BEFORE I shut the case. Just be warned, it will not be effective if you close the case and then poor the solution. Boy will I never do that again!
There you have it! Cloth wipes that pop out of a wipes case. You can also use this as a toddler toy with tissues. I have yet to try this because my daughter is still in the tasting phase and I'm not prepared for her to have a Kleenex lining to her intestines just yet.

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