Friday, March 22, 2013

bumGenius Freetime Diaper Review

I don't know why it's taken me so long to do a review on this diaper. A few texts last night with a friend of mine over at Oh Audrey Sue, who is cloth diapering her new little baby girl reminded me that this review is long overdue. It all started with a discussion on pocket diapers and a certain brand of diaper that is leaking on her. I have had the same problems with that same diaper, and I feel her pain. While the idea of the diaper is genius, the execution is lacking. I'll review this diaper in a later post, along with two others that I loathe. Yes, I loathe them. 

Back to the BG Freetime, which in my opinion is a great option for those of you who want an AIO, but are also leaning towards pocket diapers because you can adjust the absorbency. In walks the geniuses over at bumGenius and their new (well, not really that new anymore) diaper, the Freetime. I bought the Albert print, even though my little Lucy is not a boy. It seems like it's one of those made for boys prints, but that didn't stop me one bit! Daddy was a scientist and girls can be just as cute wrapped up in faux chalkboard print with "I'm a Genius" and E=mc2 all day long. Besides, I think it's a lovely marriage between BG and the genius of Albert Einstein. Personally, I think they should run with that idea and start issuing Limited Edition prints featuring different great minds from our past and present. Let's inspire our baby butts to dream big and push the limits of human knowledge.

Outside (I've had this diaper for over a year and it still looks brand new!)

Inside panels lay over each other and can be used alone as an AIO. You can also place a soaker underneath the stay dry panels to up the absorbency, making this diaper so versatile and great for heavy wetters!


-Hybrid between an AIO and a Pocket, which makes it daddy friendly while still offering mommy a chance to adjust absorbency according to age.

-One size, which is very economical for those of you who are not wanting to spend a fortune on diapers. This one will last you from 8-35+ pounds.

-Great BG fit

-Stay dry interior

-Sewn in flaps of absorbency that bend to pinpoint absorbency for girls and boys. (Genius!)

-A great nighttime diaper for younger babies!

-Very stain resistant and resilient! I've had this diaper for over a year and it's still bright white after repeated use.

I don't know if you can see the panels on each of the flaps, but those fold over, creating a way for you to customize the absorbency in the front for boys or the middle for girls! 


-I have never been a fan of BG hook and loop diapers. I have had a serious loss of stickiness with the ones I have bought. If you do get one of these, be sure to get these in snaps if you're planning on using them a lot.

-I am also not a big fan of their snaps. I know it's picky, but they just don't snap as well as some other brands.

Since we have another little girl on the way, I'm thinking it's time to spring for two more of these diapers in honor of her arrival!

Here are my picks:

The Lovelace print is also super cute and I love the multicolored snaps! 

Dazzle is so pretty! I love how saturated the color is. 

Well folks, that's all I have to say about the bumGenius Freetime diaper. That's it for another diaper review. If you have any questions or just want to rave about how much you love/hate this diaper, leave a comment! I love reading comments by other fluffy butt moms or those who are just curious.

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