Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Don't buy these diapers!

I hate it when I come across a diaper I don't like. Especially because I love them so much, I want all cloth diaper companies to do well. I have learned the hard way that just because you sell cloth diapers, doesn't mean you have a good product. In honor of another friend, Laetitia Knight, who is expecting a baby boy and thinking about cloth diapering, I'm bringing you the first installment of "Don't buy this..."!

Here are our culprits (one will not be pictured because it's mia) 

On the left you have the Sweet Pea pocket diaper, the right is the Bumkins pocket diaper, the bottom is the Baby Kanga pocket diaper, and the fourth which is not pictured is the bumGenius pocket with aplix, hook and loop, or velcro, for those of you who don't speak cloth diaper lingo. I hate all four of these diapers for one reason, and one reason only. Well, that's a lie, I hate some of them for several reasons. But, the point is,  they all leak! Ugh! The one job you have is to NOT leak, and that's exactly what you do. Even though you may have an innovative concept, at the end of the day, it doesn't translate into results, which at three in the morning on your third feeding of the night, is a necessity.

Sweet Pea One Size Pocket 

I got this diaper for free after taking a class at a local cloth diaper shop. It was my first foray into the cloth diapering world, and I quickly learned that this was not only going to be possible for my family, but I was going to have a ton of fun doing it! The diaper I got was white, and while it was a one sized pocket, I didn't get to immediately try it out on my little 6lb 4oz baby girl. As soon as she grew out of her newborn diapers, I popped it out of the packaging, washed it per instructions, and began happily using it on my little girl. It wasn't until after she had started crawling around that the problems started. While she was in the relatively inactive phase of newbornhood, this diaper worked wonderfully. However, as soon as she became mobile, the fit stopped working and I had major leaking issues. The sides would typically be hanging down and her pants would be wet. Now, when I buy an one-sized diaper, I want it to last until potty training. Now, I'm stuck with three cute, albeit ineffective diapers. What makes this one great is that it has openings on both the front and back, which means you don't have to take out the soakers during a diaper change before you put them in the wetbag. Instead, the agitation of the washer makes them come out on their own, translating into a daddy friendly pocket!

But, this innovation, while genius, does not outweigh the fact that this diaper is not a good diaper for the long haul. I also have another friend who texted me in exasperation after having similar problems on her three month old! These diapers will run you about $12-$15, which is really well priced, but in my humble opinion, not worth the headache. Shell out a couple of dollars more and go buy yourself a workhorse diaper that can last from birth to potty training.

Bumkins One Size Pocket with Aplix 

This is the diaper I hate the most. Of all the diapers I've bought this past year and a half, this diaper has been the biggest disappointment. I was really surprised by how affordable it was, so I thought I'd buy two in a flower and butterfly print. Similarly built to the Sweet Pea diaper, this diaper has the openings on both ends to avoid taking out the soaker, effectively making it an AIO and daddy friendly.

However, I'm not sure if  the leaking is due to the fit, or the fact that both of these diapers seem to be falling apart after minimal use. I quickly stopped using them back when Lucy was maybe five or six months. Considering she wore newborn diapers until two months, three months of use in a Very large cloth diaper rotation seems ludicrous. Every now and then her father will put her in this diaper, but because it's so flimsy and poorly constructed, she ends up with wet pants and me questioning why I don't just chunk the thing in the garbage. Maybe I'll keep them for the girls dollies, but for now, they go back in the drawer. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Look at how awful the inside of this diaper looks and how flimsy the velcro is!

Baby Kanga One Size Pocket 

Another great idea, but severely lacking in execution, the Baby Kanga diaper is another unfortunate purchase. Maybe I got a defective diaper, and I hope that I did. I'm not sure why this diaper leaks. My only guess is the micro-fleece inside is to blame.

It almost seems to repel liquid, which is curious. I don't use diaper rash creams, and if I do for any reason, I either put my daughter in disposables, or I use coconut oil. (We had one little rash in one spot that wouldn't go away, but finally has thanks to some over the counter medication!) Back to the diaper, it's got great fit, extra hip snaps to ensure that the sweet pea diaper problem of the sides coming down is not an issue, and even a zipper in front, which makes changing a pocket diaper the most convenient thing imaginable.

What a great innovation! Now you don't have to possibly get poop on your hands (even though you're going to in disposables or cloth) when you change a pocket diaper. I may call the company and tell them my dilemma. I'll keep all of you updated, because it just seems too impossible that such a great diaper could give me this problem!

bumGenius One Size Pocket with Aplix

I love bumGenius diapers. They are such a great, versatile diaper with tons of options ranging from organic cotton AIO's, to the Flip, which is a great option for those on a budget. Whatever you think about bumGenius, please don't hate me for what I am about to say. Do not, I repeat, do not buy the velcro verson of these diapers. I have had such an awful time with these, I can see why people get so passionate about the velcro vs. snaps debate in the cloth diapering community. Just get the snap version and be done with it. I can't even put my daughter in this diaper because the velcro doesn't hold at all. Ugh. It's my mistake, and I am passing on this knowledge to you. I have tons of other diapers with velcro that I've been using for the same amount of time or longer that don't have this problem.

I'd like to leave you on a cute positive note. Here is my daughter playing with her moover pram sporting a cute itti bitti d'lish size medium. Happy Tuesday y'all!

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