Monday, March 4, 2013

Workout totals, 14 weeks

Week two of my accountability posts and I'm feeling like this pregnancy is going to be better than the last. We found out on Friday we are having another little girl, which is fantastic! I was really surprised, but the OB  here in Mexico assured us that it is very common to find out the sex in the fifteenth week. For those of you not familiar with pregnancy weeks, you may be wondering why I wrote workout totals for 14 weeks, but 15 weeks here in the post. Well, like centuries, it's @ss backwards. No, I'm joking. Seriously though, this is a family show. Sorry for the added ampersat. Say I'm 14 weeks 3 days. That actually means that I have completed 14 weeks 3 days, meaning I am in my 15th week. Confusing, right? Well, try figuring out how many months you are every time someone asks you that question. Ugh, division, why must you haunt me the rest of my life?! So, this week I will be 15 weeks, ie, in my 16th week of pregnancy. If you really want to get confused, go look up luteal phases and all the things women do to try to conceive. We have to become doctors, mathematicians, chemists, witch doctors, and pill popping fiends to try to get pregnant.

In other news, I also want to rant a little bit about my OB. He is very nice, but really made me mad on Thursday. He weighed me in as gaining 4 kilos (2.2 lb to the kilo) in between my first visit which was at 7 weeks (?) and last Thursday, around 14 weeks. He told me I was gaining too much weight and that I needed to stop eating so much. Ugh! I have been working my tail off, and only adding in one more snack! I could have lost it I was so po'ed that he didn't believe me. Anyways, y'all are my witnesses, right? Well, the news had the opposite effect that he would have liked I'm sure. For dinner, I ordered a burger with fries. I ended up not being able to eat the burger because I had such bad nausea.Thanks karma. The next night I had Mike run out to the store and get me some orange Fanta (my strange pregnancy craving) and a pack of Bilbo knockoff Ho Ho's, and I had some chips. If I'm going to gain anyways, I might as well indulge, right?

Wrong, I know.

I'm over my anger and I'm not going to eat junk just to prove him right. I'm not a really strict dieter, but I do enjoy healthier food. I've been eating homemade baked oatmeal every morning, a salad for lunch, and then whatever Mexican food gets whipped up for dinner. I've added in one snack before my afternoon workout so I am sure that I have more energy. Hopefully some of the weight gain is muscle. My goal is just to have a healthy, fit pregnancy. If that means I go over the 25 pounds that my doctor is recommending, then so be it. I'm just going to smile and nod next time he berates me for weight gain and hopefully not run and console myself in hamburgers and ho ho's.

February 24-March 2

Sunday-Jennifer Wolfe's Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga 45 minutes

Monday-Turbo Jam Punch, Kick, and Jam 50 minutes

Tuesday-Lindsay Brin Second Tri Cardio and Toning-45 minutes
Pilates-5 minutes

Wednesday-Turbo Jam, 20 minute Cardio Booty sculpt & Abs-30 minutes

Thursday-Turbo Jam Cardio Party 2

Friday-Day off!

Saturday-P90X Chest and Back with Mike-50 minutes


  1. Cassie, my male doc got on my back about my weight gain also...funny thing b/c I only gained about 30 lbs (5 lbs over desired) and immediately shed about 20 of it once having A. It bugged me and near the end of my pregnancy, I shared my frustration with a nurse. She said, "Oh, he is always doing that to everyone...I just roll my eyes and ask, 'Doc, have you ever had a baby??'" He has had four, but more accurately, his WIFE has had four. He was rated the best doc in Arlington, I have to believe that this is just a tactic to encourage everyone...maybe your doc is doing the same thing! :) Sounds like you are doing great!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Nikki! I am sure it's a tactic of his to guilt us into ignoring our pregnancy cravings. I just hate how he didn't believe me! That's what really ticked me off. Surely my last OB wasn't mad when he was ok with my 50 lb gain with Lucy?! Oh well, rant over.

      Ps. That is incredible that you gained so little and lost so much right after delivery! You are back to your pre-pregnancy weight, right? Great work momma!