Thursday, March 14, 2013

Workout totals,15 weeks

Sunday, March 3
Walking 2.5 hours with the family

Monday, March 4
Lindsay Brin Second Tri Cardio and Toning-35 min
Turbo Jam Cardio 20 min

Tuesday, March 5
Turbo Jam Cardio Party 2-43 min

Wednesday, March 6,
Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project 3-56  min
(Holy cow that was hard!)

Thursday, March 7
Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project 3-56 min

Friday, March 8
Turbo Jam Cardio-20 min
Prenatal stretching-5 min

Saturday, March 9
Nothing. Lazy day with the family.

I'm still tired, but this working out is really making me feel more in control of the pregnancy. I wish I enjoyed this process more, but at least I get a beautiful baby at the end to add to our family. I'm not showing yet, just getting thicker in the stomach region. I can still wear all my own clothes, but I tend to wear my pregnancy jeans because they are more comfy.

Norah is going to be smothered with love from all three of us. I know Lucy is just dying to have someone to play with!

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