Monday, April 8, 2013

Cloth Diaper Trainer Review Part 2: Blueberry Trainer

The big "musts" with training pants in my humble opinion are speed in getting them off, convenience, the child's ability to feel wet, usability without mommy or daddy's help, and similarity to underwear. Of course, I think these all change from child to child. Some kids will absolutely refuse to think of cloth trainers that look like diapers as anything other than another diaper. On the other hand, some kids don't care what the trainer looks like, and will easily transition from cloth diaper, to cloth trainer, to underwear. Even other kids (lucky parents) will transition from cloth diaper to underwear in a few days.

Let's all agree we hate those people and get back to our real parenting problem, potty training with a cloth diapered child.

Now, I have not fully trained my child to potty train, and I am not going to give advice where I have no expertise. I know what I know, and I hope that you find my review of this cloth trainer helpful in determining if it's the right fit for your little one.

Blueberry Trainer

For me, this trainer is perfect. I love it soooo much because it's like underwear. The reason I like it more than the one's with the snaps is that we really don't need the snap sided trainers thanks to EC or Elimination Communication. I've been putting my little girl on the potty since she was under a year, and we've pretty much eliminated any and all poopy diapers. Occasionally we have a few misses, but for the most part, it's poop in the potty. This is nice, but I feel like my laziness has really prevented us from taking full advantage of the EC program. I can't help but wonder if I had been more diligent, maybe she would be in underwear already!

Well, to be honest, I didn't really care to get her out of diapers. Let's face it, those fluffy butts are cute! Now with baby number deux on the way, I want to have the girls in matching diapers. I mean, how adorable would that be? And, with my new discovery of Good Momma Diapers, I'm really in trouble if that happens. Can you say buying tons of newborn diapers and one size diapers for matching diaper photo shoots because this stay at home mom has no life?

Haha. I can.

And it's an expensive sentence...

If your little potty trainer does still have quite a few poopy accidents in their pants, then I would say skip this diaper. You'll not want to take off a poopy pair of Blueberry Trainers and smear all of the "accident" down their legs. After a few dry heaves, then it's off to the shower to wash off all of that disgusting, oh my god do I see last nights dinner in that, beautiful gift that's been distributed up and down your little angels legs. And, if your child is as active during changes as mine, you might need to call in a hazmat unit to get the room cleaned up as well. Yuck!

Enough babbling, let's get to the good stuff.


-Similar to underwear, for the picky child that wants "big girl or big boy underwear."

-Layers of cotton terry (to feel the wetness), PUL, and micro-terry make these a great option to help catch one accident.

-Comes in S(22-28lb), M(25-35lb), and L(32-42lb) This is great, because they aren't super bulky or too big for my tall, slim daugher. We have a small, and it fits her 25 lb frame perfectly.


Even though I love these diapers, I have some serious complaints.

-Really expensive! These things are ridiculously expensive at around $16.00 a pop! If you want to get several of these and you don't want to do laundry every day, you'll be paying quite a bit just for an intermediate phase.

- Most of the prints are for boys :( This is my biggest beef, because I would be willing to shell out the extra cash to get enough of these so that my daughter had "big girl" panties, and then my next daughter could also use them. I'm so annoyed with Blueberry because I want to get a bunch of these, but they have seriously left the girls out to dry print wise. Take a gander at the options from the Blueberry website.

What gives Blueberry? Why leave the ladies out? Have you not taken a look around you? Who is usually willing to spend more money on nice underwear? Women! Duh! I'm hoping in some alternate universe the people at Blueberry read this review and give us mommies with girls some more options! In the meantime I'm still putting my dd in her cloth diapers because she doesn't care if it's a trainer or a diaper. Lucky me! Yesterday we had an almost entirely dry diaper day. I'm a little sad actually...I'm thinking my dreams of matching diapers are not going to be fulfilled. Thanks baby girl for thwarting mommy's plans again!


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