Thursday, June 6, 2013

gDiaper Hybrid Review

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my best friend and help throw her baby shower. While I was planning what things I would need to travel with my 20 month old, I decided to try out two hybrid systems. This first review will just focus on the disposable inserts and not the gDiaper reusable cloth inserts that you can also use with the system. As a cloth diapering fanatic, I was interested in a way to "cloth diaper" while I traveled. When I am at home, I still prefer my pockets, AIO's, and fitteds. But, I could easily place a prefold in the pocket of the gdiaper if I was really curious. Actually I am really curious, so I'll be testing this option out at nap time this afternoon with a prefold. (I'll update you all with results.)


My dd had a poopsplosion of epic proportions this afternoon. I think she knew mommy was blogging and needed her to test out their ability to keep it all in (or she has gotten sick and ate a bunch of nopales yesterday which are basically natures laxatives). Holy crap, literally! Wow, that hasn't happened in awhile and it was no bueno. While the diaper did hold in all of the gift, it was so hard to clean. I put a small Sustainablebabyish prefold in the "pocket" and it didn't leak, but boy was it annoying to clean. A pocket or AIO diaper is  WAY easier to clean than a gDiaper with a washable insert. The only time it wouldn't really matter was if you were still ebf (exclusively breastfeeding). In that case you can just throw the entire diaper in your diaper pail and it will all come out in the washer. This time I had to get my hand in the toilet water. But to be honest, nothing really phases me anymore, so it wasn't horrible.


If you're really dedicated to cloth diapering, like a more breathable option than disposables, or, are like me and just extremely curious, this system is a good option. My daughter, as you know, poops in the potty. Well, lucky for all of you readers, she had a regression and pooped in this diaper several times, so I know how it works for holding poop in too!

-Cute prints and colors.

Is this not!? 

-The inserts are the better of the two brands I tried.
-The design keeps the PUL off of the baby, unlike most other hybrid systems.
-The liners can be torn apart and disposed of in the toilet! (I never tried, but it's a great alternative to throwing away another diaper into the landfill.)

Here are the instructions from the website. 

-Can be used as a nighttime solution for all ages.


-Even though I bought the large inserts, I had to double up the inserts for nighttime :(
-Sometimes the waterproof snap in would get so soaked you needed to put a new one in, which I didn't have. Very annoying when traveling. I would recommend several extra snap-in liners if you are using these on a trip.
-The inserts are sold everywhere, so be sure you bring enough with you! You can't just run down to your local big box store to pick up the liners.


-I have not tested these yet with runny newborn and/or EBF poop. Once baby #2 arrives, I'll update this post with my thoughts!
-I don't have the gDiaper reusable inserts, so I can't comment on those. This is eating me away a little bit, because when I review something, I want to review all of the options. Hey gDiapers, do you want to send me a newborn package with cloth inserts to review?!?!?!?!?! my dreams.

Overall, I would say these are a great travel option if you are really opposed to spoosies. Taking these on trips I think would be a great space saver, cute option, and a way to keep up with your cloth diapering routine without the laundry. If you are curious enough to try these out, I would go over to the gDiapers website and take a look at their starter bundle. In it, you get two covers and a package of disposable inserts for only $40! Each gPant can run you from $18-$30 alone.

I hope this helped those of you who are curious about the hybrid function of these diapers! Happy diapering!

Ps. Check out this video.

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